Forecast Discussion Hall of Fame

Writing a forecast discussion can be one of the more mundane tasks that a forecaster undertakes each day. It is a useful tool that allows the forecaster to sort out his thoughts and share them with colleagues. Some forecasters elevate that product from a tool to an art form. Some choose to write eloquent essays that truly represent the state of the science. Some choose to inject their own personality into the wording. Whatever the reason, these are some of the best we've come across. They represent particularly excellent work - scientific or comedic. These are presented untouched where possible, but some may have been edited before we came across them. Of course, not all of the products here are forecast discussions. Sometimes, other products can be significant or humorous, too. If you see a discussion you think is worthy, please contact

You might also be interested in my friend Mike's collection of humorous discussions.

Product Time/Date Description
Product Time/Date Description
AFDAMA 0946Z 01 NOV 2005 One of the best poems ever written
AFDBMX 1948Z 06 OCT 2006 Humorous
AFDLCH 0747Z 24 SEPT 2006 Touching hurricane discussion
NPWLIX 1550Z 28 AUG 2005 The now-infamous chilling Katrina discussion
AFDLOT 2039Z 30 SEPT 2005 The great goodbye
TCDAT1 0900Z 23 JUL 2005
RERDAB 2201Z 03 JAN 2008 Record snowfall in Daytona Beach
AFDLOT 1058Z 01 SEP 2009 Another classic poem
AFDLCH 0110Z 04 FEB 2011 Other duties as assigned (submitted by Robert Deal)
TCDAT2 1 2 OCT 2002
Hurricane Kyle just wouldn't die. (submitted by Jill)

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DEC 2005
Hurricane Epsilon wouldn't die either (submitted by Jill)
AFDTLH 24 DEC 1995
24 DEC 1996
Forecaster Moore celebrates Christmas in AFOS products the only way you can. (submitted by Tony Cristaldi)
AFDOHX 18 MAR 2012 Someone at WFO Nashville needs to step away from the keyboard for a bit.
AFDAFC 0030Z 27 AUG 2012 A very long term forecast (submitted by Ian Blaylock) TCDAT1 1300Z 21 SEP 2012 I'm a sucker for Star Trek jokes (submitted by Jill)
PREEPD 1342Z 25 OCT 2012 The storm that kicked off the "Frankenstorm" craze AFDMPX 0959Z 2 FEB 2013 It's...GROUNDHOG DAYYYYY!
AFDIND 1948Z 10 NOV 2009 My friend $$ NIELD pays homage to the Edmund Fitzgerald AFDSEW 1202Z 16 NOV 2012 An "Airplane!" reference is the quickest way to my heart.
AFDRIW 2040Z 17 JUN 2013 DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Chris (Hattings) AFDBVT 2043 19 SEP 2013 Pirates be boarding WFO Burlington (submitted by Michael Muccilli)
AFDLOT 1937Z 22 SEP 2013 IZZI writes poetry on a beautiful Autumnal Equinox (submitted by Derrick Snyder) AFDAFC 1245Z 04 OCT 2013 A forecaster sends a subtle message about the government shutdown. (submitted by many)
AFDBRO 2008Z 24 DEC 2013 Brownsville is keeping an eye open for the Big Guy AFDLUB 2106Z 24 DEC 2013 'Twas the forecast before Christmas
AFDAJK 1401Z 13 MAY 2014 Dating the models (submitted by Celeste) SFDDEN 0155Z 16 JUN 1994 Holmes and Rubble have a poetry fight (submitted by Tanja Fransen)
AFDEAX 1732Z 29 WED 2014 The first letters spell out a hopeful, but futile sports wish. AFDAMA 2103Z 08 NOV 2014 SUPER FRIGID TERRIFYING POLAR EXPRESS STORM VORTEX SNOWPOCALYPSE
TCDEP1 1453Z 28 MAY 2015 The Hurricane-Forecaster-in-Chief AFDMEG 0843Z 10 JUL 2015 The anemometer and the radar disagree
AFDRIW 0925Z 04 JUL 2015 Chris Hattings channels the spirit of 1776

One man has made such an impression that he deserves his own set of entries. Known as "ISIXTYFIVE", he wrote discussions that may never be equalled.

Product Time/Date Description
Product Time/Date Description
SFDBHM 0330Z 18 JAN 1994 Beavis and Butt-head
SFDBHM 2354Z 14 FEB 1995 Animals in the forecast
SFDBHM 0917Z 12 OCT 1997 Star Trek discussion
SFDBHM 2111Z 29 JAN 1998 Pretty normal...til the end
SFDBHM 0900Z 25 FEB 1998 Hollywood's newest release
SFDBHM 0800Z 14 APR 1998 80's flashback
SFDBHM 2011Z 31 MAY 1999 Star Wars discussion

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